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Introduction to Vedanta by [Sadananda, K]

Introduction to Vedanta – By Dr. K. Sadananda

This book starts with the fundamental human problems and questions and search for happiness, and introduces the philosophy behind the spirituality of the many Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, and provides brief quotes from them. It goes on to explain the nature of the mind, its classification, and describes what this “I” is. In the process, it also explains the errors in perception, what is real and what is unreal, and the nature of consciousness and ultimate reality. A brief list of materials for further exploration appears at the end of the book.


PraNAms to all.

Official Home Page of Advaita Vedanta Forum of Sadaji.  A new Advaita forum has been opened exclusively to discuss Advaita Vedanta in terms of questions and answers. The purpose of the discussion is to arrive at clear understanding of Advaita using scriptures as pramaaNa or means of knowledge.  From time to time questions will be raised and answered to stimulate the discussion. In addition, some on going talks will be posted for listening and for contemplation. 

The forum is meant for discussion on Advaita as the very name indicates. Questions on dvaita and vishiShTaadvaita are discouraged since there are separate forums for this. Answers and clarifications are provided based on my knowledge of the scriptures, and it is up to discusser to accept or reject them; but the discussions are not meant for establishing who is right.

Hari Om!


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